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2nd June 2013

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I made it through the wilderness..or …my first week of teaching :)

Phew, I made it past my first week of teaching. How was it you may wonder? HARD. I have found a new respect for teachers of all kind.

If I put myself back into student mood this is kind of how I felt: I show up to class, listen to the teacher while my mind drifts away during parts of the lecture. Sometimes I am fully engaged and ready to learn, other times I try to hold back my yawns and control my yearning to talk to my friends surrounding me. 

Now,  I have tried my best to make the hard transition into teacher mood and this is how I feel: I prepare both before and after class to ensure that I am timing out my lecture to cover all my required materials. I write down the questions I think I need to ask in order for my lecture to be more beneficial while at the same time trying to keep my kids awake and following me. I stay after class to grade the paper and quizzes that were assigned during the day. 

With that being said-wow. I never really comprehended how much work goes into being a teacher. I teach little kids and so while I struggle the most with getting and then keeping them engaged, I still don’t have a grasp on how much prepping goes into teaching adults and high school/college students. If I learn anything else from this year of teaching (which I am certain I will) the one thing I will remember learning first is this newfound respect for teachers of all ages and subjects.

With that being said I will move on to talk about my personal classes. The kids are so adorable! The girls always have little bows or ribbons in their hair and they make it impossible to yell at them if they are talking during class. The boys on the other hand, well they are boys, and I have already had many times when I have had to yell and move them around while taking their baseball hats and comic books. Not to mention it is really hard to yell when I have nine different classes full of different students and so I don’t quite remember all the names, I’m lucky if I remember any at all.  All-in-all though I think once I get the organization down I will really love being a teacher. It still makes me laugh when the students yell “teacher, teacher, teacher.” I still think to myself “Is this really happening? Am I really old enough to be a teacher?!” I don’t know if this realization will ever quite sink in for me. 

Not to mention, I have the utmost respect for the children. They go to school for an average of 10-12 hours a day, I can’t even imagine how hard that is. After a full day of their regular school they get to come to a private school and learn a foreign language. They can speak English quite well for being so young. I sometimes forget that this isn’t their native language, until they try to tell me something but they can’t form the words and I don’t understand what they are saying and that just leads to frustration for both parties involved. 

It was a good first week and I can’t wait to look back on this post with a smile on my face and see how far both the students and I have come, well I hope there will be a smile on my face anyway :)

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